(Part One)

Ladies, Gentlemen, assorted silicates and lawn ornaments:

The Programme Team are preparing a large and varied schedule of events to keep you entertained, amused and above all happy during the four days of the Convention. We have no doubt that the last Convention will be a very tough act to follow, but we are going to give it our best shot.

For your delight and delectation, our initial plans include:

Some Old Favourites (well, we used them once, but they were popular and if it ain't broke...)

Maskerade Ball
Maskerade Costume Parade
Assassins' Guild Competitive Entrance Exam
meet new friends and kill them!
Unseen University Challenge
can you and your team stun everybody with your intimate knowledge of the Discworld, and, more impressively, beat last year's champions?
Charity Auction
Alchemy Demonstration
Kaffee Klatches
small intimate meetings with well-known authors and other talented people
Workshops and Panels
Art Show
including Dwarf Bread Museum

New Items

The Beggars' Guild Contest
What sociopathic tendency could you use to acquire money for nothing? Can you raise Ankh-Morpork dollars for being... well, basically not nice to be near? If so, we can use you! The contest will take place over the first few days of the Convention and allows you to wear costume, makeup, odours, ducks on your head and so on. All attendees will be issued with some A-M$ on registration - it will be up to you to prise it away from them! ('no-go zones' will be designated, so non Guild members can feel safe!)
Hall Costume Contest
We would like people to wear costumes around the Convention to add to the atmosphere. To encourage this we hope to have workshops running to do 'makeovers' on Convention members. We will also be offering "hall prizes" for the best costumes seen roaming the corridors.
Luggage Wars
Who has the toughest, meanest Luggage? Build your own combat-capable Luggage and pit it against the fearsome beast that Der Management (the Convention committee) will be fielding - a fight to the death with no quarter asked for or given. Please note: Blunt instruments and brute force only: absolutely no projectile, corrosive, chemical, biological, nuclear or sharp-edged weapons to be mounted on combat Luggage. Full competition rules will appear in the next issue.
Stiffen up those sinews now, and prepare for an event that makes the Krypton Factor look like a squabble over a packet of crisps.
Dwarf Opera
A staggering epic of words and music (which might include a few verses about gold).
Soul Music
The Reduced Discworld Theatre Company give their all.
Leonard of Quirm 'Great Egg Race'
Build a machine, capable of moving Lord Philanthropic III of Quirm to his mate without exploding, from the bits that Blue Peter didn't use.

These are just a few of the items with which we hope to entertain you. Your participation will make the vital difference, so if you wish to become involved please contact us via the Discworld Convention address (contact details given elsewhere in this issue), or, if you have Internet access, email the Programme Head directly.

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