The Lancre Mapp

The details about the next collaboration between Terry, Stephen Briggs and Paul Kidby are being kept under wraps until closer to publication, but we have learned that the artwork is now in Transworld's hands.

The map has been drawn by Paul Kidby and is due for release in May 1998. It bears very little resemblance to the other maps produced by Stephen Player because the "Lancre Project" is of a very different kind. For a start, it provides an isometric view from above of the country. The trio spent many hours researching the location of the different landmarks and villages to ensure that the distances were correct. The map also expands on the reader's knowledge of the area and introduces new locations fit for use in future books.

Along with the map itself readers will be provided with the normal booklet of background information. The working title for the whole project is A Rambler's Guide to Lancre and it looks set to satisfy even the most fanatical reader.

The next issue will feature a sneak preview of the Lancre Mapp.

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