Issue 2 December 1997


The Bursar's Column
Discworld News
Far-Flung Fans
Hotel Information
Analysis - In Defence of Niceness
Forthcoming Releases
Competetion Results and Troll's Puzzles answers
Funny Fantasy Don't Sell
The Discworld Diary
Maths and the Listening Monks
The Convention Programme - Update
Mark Thomas: Why I'm a Fan
Dwarf Bread
The Lights of Brian
The Man Behind the Clay
Quizbook out-take!
Patrician's Problem Page
The Committee
Troll's Puzzles
Jingo Sells

Pictures: The cover picture, the Bursar's and the Patrician's portraits were created by Paul Kidby. Other uncredited graphics by Derek Moody.

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TJ Reproductions, Unit D,
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