Mostly it's just elimination. The Erotica god doesn't own the herring or beetle since even on Discworld neither creature will emit huge smelly droppings from a great height; nor is he Yngvi since Yngvi replies to him. Forgetful Wentletrap can't be the eidetic-memoried Astrology god, etc...

The catch concerns the pets' legs. Unprn'ncbl always has a pet with more legs than before; three exchanges have already been made; no one has had the same pet twice; Yngvi hasn't yet had the Thousand-Limbed Abomination. So Unprn'ncbl must have had it already, and since he can still change to a pet with more legs it follows that the Abomination must have fewer legs than a beetle (but 995 or more arms, tentacles, etc).

Thus Yngvi owned the Pointless Albatross and Xanthopsia is a god of Dressmaking.

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