For those not wishing to stay in the Convention hotels, here is a list of suitable alternative accommodation. However, please bear in mind that the Convention has not arranged discounts with these establishments. Any bookings will have to be made direct, rather than through the Convention.

Aachen Hotel
89-91 Mount Pleasant
L3 5TB
Tel: +44-0151-709-3477
Fax: +44-0151-709 1126/3633
Antrim Hotel
73 Mount Pleasant
L3 5TB
Tel: +44-0151-709-5239
Fax: +44-0151-709-7169
Belvedere Hotel
83 Mount Pleasant
L3 5TB
Tel: +44-0151-709-2356
Feathers Inn
1 Paul Street, Vauxhall Road
L3 6DX
Tel: +44-0151-236-1023
Fax: +44-0151-236-0081
Feathers Hotel
117-125 Mount Pleasant
L3 5TF
Tel: +44-0151-709-9655
Fax: +44-0151-709-3838
Lord Nelson Hotel
Lord Nelson Street
L3 5PD
Tel: +44-0151-709-4362
Fax: +44-0151-707-1321
Mount Royal Hotel
28 Mount Pleasant
L3 5SA
Tel: +44-0151-709-4421
Fax: +44-0151-709-9132
St George's Hotel
Lime Street
L1 1NQ
Tel: +44 -0151-709-7090
Fax: +44-0151-709-0137

These last two are a little farther away but are both
very reasonably priced motel-style hotels, approximately
30 minutes walk from the Adelphi.

Campanile Hotel
Wapping and Chaloner Street
L3 4AJ
Tel: +44-0151-709-8104
Fax: +44-0151-709-8725
Dolby Hotel
36-42 Chaloner Street
L3 4DE
Tel: +44-0151-708-7272
Fax: +44-0151-708-7266

Merseyside Tourism & Conference Bureau can act as a central agent for all the above hotels.

Tel: +44-0151-708-8838 Fax: +44-0151-707-0986 email:

Many thanks go to Imelda 'Esmi' Lund for providing this information.

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