Revised Weapons Policy

Following genuine concerns expressed by some attendees, we have decided to revise the Convention's weapons policy. Rubber weapons will be allowed for hall costumes and for the Maskerade Gala Dinner. However, weapons must be inspected by Security before use at the Convention. Their decision about suitability will be final.

Guidelines as to what constitutes an acceptable weapon:

A weapon composed of rubber (!) A weapon that consists of a handle and sheath only A weapon that is for display only and cannot be used for any other purpose (it must be secured to the costume)

Again, Security/Operations will have the final word on the day and anyone seen using these implements in an unsafe manner will have them confiscated. They will not be returned until after the event.

Luggage Wars

You may have seen 'Robot Wars' on the box recently. We honestly didn't know this was coming! But at least it should give you some ideas for this 'to the death' contest. It may seem a long time till September but it will come around with surprising speed, so start thinking about design and construction now. Even if you don't have a basic plan yet, get your entry in as soon as possible (now would be a good idea) and do the work later. Spaces are beginning to fill up, and while it may be possible to accept entries on the day, it cannot be guaranteed and it would be better to be in at the start.

The Convention committee will also be entering a Luggage into the competition. Leaked reports from its top secret testing base suggest that the competition is going to be a walkover for Concom1 - let's hope someone can prove them wrong.

There is an application form in Issue Two of the Chronicle for those of you wanting to take part.

Charity Auction

There are some truly drool-inducing items that will be up for grabs in the charity auctions.

While the list is far from complete (we will be producing a catalogue for the event) there are many interesting and, indeed, unique items about to fall into the wrong hands. (i.e. ours!)

A (very) small taster....

First edition of The Carpet People Bound proof copy of Feet Of Clay Two unique dioramas entitled 'Afterburn' and 'A Night on the Town' A highly embarrassing video of a certain personality (we know no shame)

Slave Auction

If I told you that certain ConCom members are plotting Kafka-esque nightmares for each other at this event, it would be an understatement. But we are, after all, fair game....

However, our volunteer slaves will have guidelines set in place to maintain their safety and dignity.

Additional Items

 We intend to include that favourite game of AFP, AFP Diplomacy, in the events. For those unaware of AFP or AFP Diplomacy, this was developed from an off-the-cuff suggestion on the newsgroup, and is a board game based on Diplomacy, but set in the Discworld environment, where you can utilise various social skills (e.g. treachery, aggression and subterfuge) to come out on top.

Art Show

We are honoured that the Science Fiction Foundation Collection (Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool) will be putting on a display in our Art Show from their huge collection. Its Curator and the Editor of 'The International Review of Science Fiction', Andy Sawyer, will be attending and giving a lecture that promises to be highly entertaining.

Other items in the development stage include:

Heraldry Workshop/Panel

Build Your Own Religion

Thog's Masterclass

An Introduction to Pratchett Fandom

Watch this space...

Bob Potter

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