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Discworld Anagrams

The following are anagrams of Discworld personalities - who are they?

1.  Undo maniac saga
2.  Dull city murmurs
3.  Their tartan fowl
4.  Absolute lines
5.  We share wet exam
6.  Mark tragic lag
7.  Corridor resonant of sun
7a.  Other lamb-hash
9.  Lure of loon
10.  Bent bird snoops


Many thanks go to Lady Kayla for this item

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Hogswatch Patrol

Solution to last issue's map puzzle

Detritus is expecting a long night on the molten sulphur, so begins the evening with a pre-patrol coke with vindaloo ash at the Curry Gardens. A short stroll down Blood Alley brings him to the junction of Welcome Soap and Filigree Street by the end of Contract Bridge. He starts his patrol here.

He proceeds along Filigree St first, checks the hippos on the Brass Bridge, then Lower Broadway calling in at Pseudopolis Yard to report and make sure the sulphur is warming nicely. Next over New Bridge, to Holfernes St then Maudlin Bridge, Phedre Road and Salis Street which brings him back to Pseudopolis Yard where he stirs the sulphur, wipes his chin and reports.

Now for Sheer Street, Treacle Mine Road, Easy Street, Creek Alley and Silver Street. Proceeding a little faster than the prescribed pace, he traverses Welcome Soap, Contract Bridge and Brewer Street. The patrol is complete and his duty done, so he gallops the short block to Pseudopolis Yard where he reports without wiping his chin.


Albert  Arnoldsideways  Banjo  Binky 
Catseye  Chickenwire  Coffinhenry  Death 
Duckman  Fouloleron  Gawain  Hex 
Hogfather  Mediumdave  Modo  Mrbrown 
Mrcrumley  Ohgod  Peachy  Ponder 
Quoth  Ridcully  Shlimazel  Sideney 
Susan  Teatime  Toothfairy  Twyla 
Verrucagnome  Washpot


The winner of the prize draw from Issue Two ( Sorry, not in the on-line version) is Joanne Lawton (A130) who was the first correct entry drawn out of the hat.

The date of Terry's birthday is April 28th, and it is listed in the Discworld Diary as "Creator's Day".

Joanne, your prize is on its way.

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