Issue 4 September 1998


The Bursar's Column
Discworld News
The Hedgehog that Can
The Physics of the Discworld
War - What is it good for?
Lady P's Society Column
Far-Flung Fans
News Update
The Dangers of Goodness
The Real Hitch Hiker's Guide
Chocolate Medicine
What is an Electrical Egg?
Figments of Reality in the Discworld
The Watch
Orangutan Update
Reduced Discworld Theatre Co.
Fantasy Workz
Bloody Stupid Johnsons
Troll's Puzzles

Issue four of the Discworld Chronicle was produced on the Acorn RISC PC using Ovation Pro, Photodesk, Draw, and DrawWorks Designer.

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Misinformation Minimisation by Colin Smythe.

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TJ Reproductions
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