Chocolate Medicine

A recent article in a nursing magazine confirmed what we always knew about Claire-Louise Ruffle, our Maskerade Gala Dinner organiser.

"Who eats the most chocolate on your ward? There is no contest, according to a seasonal poll, which shows that nurses display superior recognition of chocolate brands when compared with doctors.

The survey, published in last week's Medical Journal, found that nurses consistently scored highest points when asked to identify the brand and flavour of typical boxed chocolates.

As many as 88% of those surveyed were able to recognise a coffee creme compared with 67% of consultants.

But junior house officers also knew their Brazil nuts and caramels from their orange creams and landed a close second place in the test.

The results from the poll, which called on the talents of staff at the Royal United Hospital, Bath and University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, found that the higher up the medical tree someone was, the worse their recognition of chocolates."

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