The Discworld Convention 1998 Committee, wise and far-thinking sages that they are, have this year enlisted the services of the Electrical Eggs organisation. During the Convention, Medical Alert forms will be distributed, Access User and Helper badges will be provided, and seats and seating areas will be reserved for Access Users. An Electrical Eggs collection box will also be available for those kind souls who wish to give (generously, if you could) donations. But what, I hear you cry, is this bizarrely named organisation all about? Read on...

The Great Egg Head and one-time would-be convention attendee, Samanda Jeude, originally began the organisation in the States. This was after frequently missing out on cons due to there being little or no provision for attendeess with disabilities. In order to solve this, the lovely lady set up Electrical Eggs - an organisation to help conventions provide adequate arrangements for fans with special needs. The name was chosen because: "...many fans with special needs depend on electrical equipment such as powered wheelchairs, hearing aids etc." and "...fans with special needs often have 'fragile' health, and without support and appropriate care are more prone to injury or illness."

The UK Egg Head (Cuddles, who is being liberally quoted and plagiarised in this article) maintains a database of members who register for the Access Service, and of fans with a Medical Alert status. Fans can then be informed of conventions that will be using the Access Service, and the relevant information about those who wish to attend can be passed on to the organisers. Electrical Eggs provide a useful and time-saving channel of communication between convention organisers and fans with special needs, and in some cases are on hand during conventions to ensure that these fans can get to and enjoy all events. In the case of the Discworld Convention, we will have specially briefed Access Gophers available to provide help, as well as having the Red Cross present to provide medical assistance.

No doubt the Electrical Eggs service at the Discworld Convention 1998 will, as always, prove to be a valuable asset to the whole weekend. Their help and support is much appreciated by both the fans with special needs who will, thanks to them, be able to attend and enjoy the Con, and also hugely by the Committee. Electrical Eggs is a purely voluntary and non-profit making organisation, and as such appreciates any donations possible.

Anyone wishing to contact the UK branch of Electrical Eggs, in order to become a member or just to find out more, should write to:

Electrical Eggs (UK),
Flat 1/2,
10 Atlas Road,
G21 4TE

Details will also be available at the Convention itself.

Kat Knight

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