Dear Convention-type people,

Thanks for the surprise parcel that landed on my doormat on Saturday - it could only mean one thing - I'd won a competition!

The T-shirt is brill - very cool. The book is great, of course, and the personal organiser doesn't tell me to 'DIE' under 'Things to do today'.

Bingley Bingley Bop!

Thanks a lot,

Joanne Lawton

Look out for more top competitions in the Discworld Chronicle Issue Five - available in December 1998.

Dear Paul,

I'm wondering what has happened to the April edition of the Discworld Chronicle. Has there been some delay in getting it out, or has my copy just been lost in the post?


Vincent Oberheim

Therein lies a tale. The Chronicle was running a little behind on our tight production schedule, and so was dispatched to the printers later than planned. We had hoped to make up the lost time, but then the ParcelForce factor stepped in. When all eleven boxes of Chronicles were dispatched to us, they mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again. The printers worked day and night to get another set produced but the damage had already been done. We apologise to all our members for the delays and the huge amounts of paper work in Issue 3. We hope that Issue Four makes up for the delay, and that you will all be able to support the Chronicle from Issue Five onwards, after the Convention. Issue Five should be in the shops and on your doormats in December. A subscription form will be available at the Convention.

Dear Paul,

I have just read the letter from that nice Andy Brown in your last issue suggesting that us kids all colour in a picture of the Quantum Weather Butterfly. What a brilliant idea! Could he please draw us one for the Convention? However, he may find one teensy little problem with his clever idea to keep us out of his way while he worries about the lighting - it is the perimeter of the QWB that is infinite, not the area. So keep drawing Andy!


Rhys (aged 2 1/2)

References: The Little Folks' Book of Fractal Patterns, The Ladybird Book of Chaos Theory


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