I guess that most actors dream of playing parts like Hamlet or King Lear. Me? I'd rather play Fred Colon, although I will admit that in moments of self-grandeur my thoughts stray to Mustrum Ridcully...

It was through my interest in performing that I became aware of the Discworld plays, and from there it was just a short step to working my way through all the Discworld books - always with an eye open for a good part, of course! At 34, I have a good practical grounding in both amateur and professional theatre, performing in a wide range of drama from Shakespeare to Musical Comedy. I prefer, now, to keep my performing on an amateur level, and enjoy my work in theatrical publishing and copyright; a foot in both worlds, your might say. When not rehearsing, I enjoy cooking and reading, particularly Fortean studies and Earth Mysteries.

It is the warmth and humanity in Terry Pratchett's writing that fuels my interest in the Discworld series, along with this emphasis on characterisation that is so appealing to an actor.


As part of the celebrations at the Discworld Convention, the Reduced Discworld Theatre Company will present a stage adaptation of the short story 'Theatre of Cruelty', in a new version created especially for the event. This will be preceded by 'The Discworld Revue'. We are planing these performances for the Monday afternoon. The two events will allow a broad approach to Discworld theatre, so that everyone who wants to can participate at a level that suits them and that they'll feel comfortable with.

We are looking for performers of all ages and experience, as well as backstage support.

'The Discworld Revue' is open to everyone and is really an open forum for Discworld fans. It can include anything you would like to perform - a song, a sketch, a poem, even a simple reading of a favourite passage from one of the books - it's up to you. We will close our books for Revue pieces on the Saturday night, simply to give us the opportunity to create a varied running order and allocate rehearsal time (and space!) to those who require it. You will be expected to attend a run-through/Dress Rehearsal on the Monday morning, but otherwise the amount of preparation you do is, again, up to you. Please contact us, at the usual Convention address, for a pre-registration form, or contact Robert or a Committee member during Friday or Saturday at the Convention.

 The presentation of 'Theatre of Cruelty' will be as polished as we can make it and will be cast by audition. For this reason, we hope to cast the principal parts in advance and add the finishing touches at rehearsals during the Convention, particularly in smaller roles and as the scum of Ankh-Morpork.

If you are interested in taking part, please send your details and, if possible, a recent photograph to the Convention address. One audition has already taken place, but even if you weren't there, do please contact us for more information so that we will be able to consider you. We will forward full details for the production and the (not very great) time commitment.

Enthusiasm is by far the most important quality and we are most anxious to include everyone who wants to become involved, whatever their ability.

The theatre programme is something that will be a lot of fun for everyone, on- or off-stage. You have nothing to lose but your dignity, and a few hours of drinking time.


Robert Hamilton

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