Tina Hannan has been cooking for over twenty years and is an avid Discworld fan. During a recent signing at Forbidden Planet she delighted those queuing by presenting them with samples of her latest creation - authentic Dwarf Bread. This obviously brought Tina to the attention of Terry. Shortly afterward she was invited to investigate various Discworld recipes for a new project, Nanny Ogg's Almanac, which he, Stephen Briggs and Paul Kidby are planning for late 1999. Tina will be providing other recipes for The Discworld Chronicle in future issues.



The Hedgehog.

Nanny Ogg with a courgette.


Cream the butter and sugar. Mix the cocoa powder with the breadcrumbs and add to the butter and sugar. Stir thoroughly and transfer into a greased (use butter) 600ml / 1 pint basin (or similar hedgehog-shaped receptacle).

Leave overnight in the fridge until set. When ready, turn out onto a plate, whip the cream and cover the hedgehog with it. Arrange the almonds as spikes and use the chocolate chips for eyes and a nose. Sprinkle on more cocoa powder for a furry effect.

The hedgehog is now ready for you to do with as you wish.

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