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Discworld Convention 1998 Exclusive Merchandise Offers

If you missed the Discworld event of the decade, don't miss the merchandise produced to commemorate it. For a limited period while stocks last, we are offering Discworld fans the opportunity to purchase the last remaining items. Don't delay - stocks are very limited.

Please print and complete the order form. Once it has arrived, we'll pack and dispatch your order as soon as possible. If you have not received your goods after 28 days, please contact us.

Prices listed below are fully inclusive of postage and packing inside the UK. For overseas orders, please add £2.50.

Ankh-Morpork Banknotes

One Dollar Note Five Dollar Note Ten Dollar Note Twenty Dollar Note Hundred Dollar Note

As all Sto Plains residents must by now be aware, the Ankh-Morpork Dollar is being phased out in favour of a new, cross-boundary currency unit, the Monetary Unit of the Circle Sea (M.U.C.S.). However, the Ankh-Morpork Mint is pleased to offer for a limited period, whilst reserves last, the opportunity to purchase a set of pristine Ankh-Morpork Dollar notes.

As seen at the gaming tables of the 1998 Discworld Convention, one set comprises ten notes, two each of the 1-Dollar, 5-Dollar, 10-Dollar, 20-Dollar and 100-Dollar notes. These special edition notes come complete with a framing border and are available for the special price of just £4.95 per set. Individual notes are available for £1.25p each (set of 2 notes).

Troll Birthday Card

Troll card

The Discworld Convention 1998 is pleased to offer a unique piece of work from the skilled hand of Stephen Player. Created in full colour with a gloss finish, these oversized A5 postcards feature the picture shown here and have a blank back. The troll is carrying a rock cake, complete with candles and snails! The cards each come with a white envelope for posting.

Given the unique nature of these collectable cards, only 1000 of which will ever be produced, they are being offered for sale at the special rate of £2.99 each, or you can purchase five for just £10.00 - a massive saving of £4.95.


By special arrangement, the Discworld Convention (1998) Ltd is proud to offer, for a limited period while stocks last, a unique opportunity to purchase some important Discworld historical memorabilia. Guards! Guards! was performed for the first time on the professional stage in 1998. The production was toured again in 1999 and, for this second run, souvenir T-shirts and brochures were produced. We are delighted to be able to offer these items to all Discworld fans keen to own the complete Discworld Collection.

Guards! Guards! Tour Souvenir T-shirts

Fruit of the Loom high quality red shirts featuring white lettering. Front: "I've seen the dragons of Ankh-Morpork". Back: "Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! The Discworld Live on Stage". Sizes: L & XL. Price: £10.00.

Guards! Guards! Tour Souvenir Brochure

Full colour, sixteen pages (incl. cover) featuring photos of all the major characters and a centrefold of Errol. Also includes a competition to win a complete set of Discworld paperbacks or hardbacks or Terry's next novel The Fifth Elephant. Price: £4.50.

The Official Convention T-shirt

The Convention t-shirt is modelled by Karen Kruzycka. Ms. Kruzycka's hobbies include drinking, laughing uproariously and causing nearby males to drool uncontrollably. Her favourite colour is black, and she says she'd like to 'help make the world a more dangerous place'.

Featuring Paul Kidby's excellent Troll's Head design, the official Convention T-shirt is a fine piece of apparel. Available in large and extra large, the shirts are black with a full colour design. The shirts are available at the price of £14.99 each.

Commemorative Coffee Mug

Front of mug Back of mug

Crafted by the fair hand of Bernard Pearson, The Cunning Artificer, the 1998 Convention mug makes a welcome addition to any mug tree. Embossed on the front is our well-known Troll's Head logo. The mug is ideal for any hot beverage and will make your work colleagues swoon with envy. The mugs are available at £5.50 each or £20.00 for a set of five.

The Troll

Convention troll

Another production from Bernard Pearson, this flatback troll was the hunk of the Convention. He will sit elegantly on any mantelpiece or grace your library shelves. This Troll is the Convention's logo brought to life, and is available for the special price of £10.00.

The Video

See the fantastic events of the 1998 Convention in vivid Technicolor! This 3-hour taped spectacular features excerpts from all the big events of the Convention. A must for anyone that couldn't be there or wants to see exactly what goes on at these strange gatherings. The Discworld Convention Video is a Century of the Fruitbat Pictures presentation, and is available in VHS format for £10.00.

The Discworld and Troll Pewter Badges

Great A'Tuin Troll

Designed by Anne Stokes exclusively for the Discworld Convention, these fine pewter badges are of the highest quality. Each piece is hand-made and is cast only from the finest materials. Pictured here full-size, both badges are inscribed "Discworld Convention 1998".

The badges are available for £3.40 each or for the special price of £6.50 for a set.

The .303 Bookworm and Soul Cake Duck Postcards

.303 Bookworm Soul Cake Duck

The work of Graham Higgins for the Discworld Chronicle is far beyond that of any other artist. Twice Graham has produced magnificent colour covers featuring the fauna of Discworld. Reproduced for the first time, we are please to offer you the chance to purchase these fine examples of Discworld art in postcard form.

The cards cost 25p each or a pound for six.

The 1998 Discworld Convention Programme Book

One of the finest fan publications ever produced, the Convention's 1998 Programme Book has 46 pages of Discworld articles, including 16 in full colour. You will find the first printing outside the Western Daily Press of Terry's short story 'The Megabyte Drive to Believe in Santa Claus', a guide for collectors of Discworld books, and a step by step account of Paul Kidby's work on the cover of the 1999 Watch Diary. Only a few of these books remain, and one can be yours for just £2.50.

The Soul Cake Duck

On Discworld, figments of the imagination have a nasty habit of turning up on the doorstep and demanding compensation. Soul Cake Tuesday, the first day of the duck hunting season, has its very own victim, the Soul Cake Duck.

Captured in acrylics for the first time by Graham Higgins, the Soul Cake Duck is shown in its full glory in this limited edition signed and numbered print. The 100 prints are priced at £14.99 each. Specific numbers may be available - please indicate your preference on the order form provided.

The Convention Poster

Troll poster

The Discworld Convention is proud to present this double-sided, A1-size poster from the talented Discworld artist Paul Kidby. The Convention's 'Troll's Head' logo is featured in two different forms - full colour and black & white.

This poster is a strictly limited edition; only 400 were produced and one of the original pieces of artwork no longer exists. The poster can be trimmed and framed to make a striking picture - the high quality printing of the poster picks out all the details of the artwork. One of these posters can be yours for just £4.50, so don't miss this exclusive opportunity.

The Discworld Chronicle

The magazine of the 1998 Discworld Convention was The Discworld Chronicle, and very popular with the fans it was, too. It was the only high-quality, regular, colour Discworld magazine around at the time, and included exclusive interviews, puzzles, reviews and analysis of the books, and much more. All four issues featured wonderful cover artwork by the Discworld artists:

This magazine is no longer being produced, but we now offer you the chance to buy the back issues, and own a piece of Discworld history. Each issue costs just £1.50.

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