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German Discworld Event
19th - 22nd August 2004

The German Terry Pratchett Fan Club and Tolkiens Erben e.V. joined forces to bring you a collaborative Tolkien and Pratchett convention.

It's the second year for the Tolkien guys and our first attempt so we will test the audience's response with a light program of Cripple Mr. Onion card tables, some THUD tables, a lecture on the dangers of travelling to Ankh-Morpork, the theatre workshop where we will perform "The Sea and little Fishes" and a Who wants to be a Discworld Millionaire quiz where you can win books by a famous author ;-)

The festival will take place near Siegen in Germany and you can still get one-day tickets directly there.

We hope to see you there and watch out for our next year's festival where we will increase our efforts and present you a much larger Discworld program.

Members of our fan club save on the entrance fee :-)

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