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April - Norwich

From: Darren
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] AFPmeet Norwich/Guards!Guards!
Date: 1998/02/18

I am proposing a meet in Norwich on 11th April... This will only go ahead if there is sufficient interest. I think half a dozen plus will be sufficient to go with. I would like to have at least six definites by 1st March so I can continue with the rest of the organising.

Guards!Guards! is going to be showing in the Theatre Royal Norwich on this day, I propose a meet to first see the play at the theatre and then a few drinks afterwards elsewhere.

There are two showings of the play on this date, at 2:30 pm (finishing at about 5:00pm) and 7:30 pm (finishing at about 10:00pm). Which performance we see depends upon how much time is wanted for carousing etc. afterwards, and when people can get to the city. I will go with the majority, so please include which time you prefer.

For those of you who are willing to trust me with your money I will buy tickets in a block or those who don't want to trust me with their money can purchase their own tickets... [1] They are 3 for the cheapest and 7 for the next rank up...[2] I am hoping to buy the tickets for anyone who wants me too on Monday 16th March... once the meet is confirmed I will send my address to anyone who wants me to get the tickets.

I have limited crash space at my place [3], if people are willing to split a cab fare or someone staying drives.[4] If someone who knows Norwich better than me wants to recommend a pub to go to I am very willing to listen...

Anyone who wants any more info, let me know.



[1] The booking number is 01603 630000 [4]
[2] I will try to get the cheaper tickets (if there are still enough left), unless everyone wants to pay the extra.
[3] I might be persuaded to drive... (but thats a BIG might)
[4] Please don't assume the meet is happening until I post to say so...

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