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September - Peterborough

From: Nicola Brown
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] New play in the Peterborough (UK) Area
Date: 1998/07/22

Hi all,

just thought i'd write with some text used on my new updated website (no longer available ) about a new version of the "Guards! Guards!" play - to be put on in Peterborough England...

Can you afford to miss the chance to see Guards! Guards! performed at the Powerhouse Theatre in Peterborough ? The Revellers are proud to announce their forthcoming production of Terry Pratchett's classic novel, adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs.

Directed by David Read this promises to a top night out featuring performances of great subtlety (ermm....) and interesting sound effects like farts and umm.. well longer farts (mainly by Nobby).

Nicola's Guide to the Disc (no longer available) has been allowed exclusive access behind the scenes during the rehearsals of the show. We will be bringing you all the gossip (well making some gossip up) along with interviews, stage set visualisations that have nothing to do with the final result.

Stephen Briggs has intelligently adapted the play staying true to Terry Pratchett's novel whilst taking into account the difficulties of staging a play with an amateur budget (3.23).

The Revellers are a well established local society having recently performed Cabaret at the Key Theatre, Peterborough, which received great critical acclaim (David's Mum thought it was good). David, as well as performing, has directed two other plays, Allan Bennett's Habeas Corpus and his Dad's play Bed of Roses. He also maintains a web site about the fantasy author Fritz Leiber, with whom Terry Pratchett has some similarity.

Over the next few weeks we shall be having interviews (perhaps with Lee Griffin (Nobby) star of the classic Talking Bomb videos ) and other info on the forthcoming production..... Ticket information is available at the bottom of this page.

Tickets are priced 4.50 and are available for the 9-12th September from Starlight Stage Services, Eastfield Road, Peterborough, Cambs - 01733 312812

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