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October - Adelaide

The Unseen Theatre Company presents
Terry Pratchett's
"Guards! Guards!"
Directed by Pamela Munt

Forget about "Back to the Future".

Unseen Theatre Company has more exciting things to do. It's going "Back to the Past'.

That's right, back to the first Pratchett play it ever produced at the Bakehouse Theatre eight years ago. Back to the most infamous city in the "multiverse" - Ankh-Morpork. Back to the origins of Sam Vimes, the City Watch and "Cut Me Own Throat" Dibbler.

Who said "Let There Be Dragons?" Well whoever it was should not have mentioned it in front of Unseen's Artistic Director, Pamela Munt. She tends to take people rather literally. Guards! Guards! has all the ingredients of an hilarious mediaeval fantasy for grown-ups - filled with magic, beasts, warriors and dwarfs as well as the struggle for power between a self-appointed Patrician and a possible heir to the throne.

Hidden only slightly beneath the surface (mainly by The Elucidated Brethren of Ebon Night, with their dubious passwords, borrowed magic and secret handshakes), is Pratchett's political parody of our own world. The battle for power is on! The City Watch is fighting for "Truth, Justice and the Ankh-Morporkian Way" aided by Lady Ramkin, and her small swamp dragon.

Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas Street, Adelaide.
  • Preview: Friday, October 12
  • Opening Night: Saturday, October 13.
  • Then October 17 - 27 (Wednesday to Saturday)
All shows at 8pm.
  • Adults: $18
  • Concession: $15
  • Fringe Benefits: $15
  • Groups (10+): $12
  • Free Tickets Night for Health Care Card Holders: Friday October 12

Bookings via 82270505 or

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