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November - Scarborough

Purple Monkey are staging their final of three Pratchett shows soon, and it's the Bard's turn (again) to get a ribbing.

Lords and Ladies will be performed for three nights only at the...

Venue: Queen Street Central Hall, Queen Street, Scarborough
Dates: November 13th 14th 15th @ 7:30pm
Tickets: are 5 / 4 cons.

For ticket info call Jamie on 07792 044003

A few people from hereabouts picked up on our last performance of "The Truth" and drove all the way from Sheffield to see us, and they loved it!

Lords and Ladies is even better (more money now :D) and we've filled the hall with all sorts of cool gizmos and gadgets, from UV lights to snow machines, with amazing set and costumes.

You'd be mad to miss this one.

The producers of the show state: The show is quite ridiculous, and even features some Nanny Ogg style folk songs, and The Stick and Bucket Dance. *wince*

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