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September - Ealing

From: Thomas Pratchett
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Men At Arms Production - Ealing, UK
Date: 1999/09/05

>From the people who brought you Mort...

The 303 Discworld Players present

Terry Pratchett's

Men At Arms

Adapted by Stephen Briggs (among others)

This production will be performed at The Questors Theatre, Mattock Lane, Ealing. (That's in West London)[1].

The Performance dates and times are:

Wednesday 22nd September 7.45pm
Thursday 23rd September 7.45pm
Friday 24th September 7.45pm
Saturday 25th September 2.30pm and 7.45pm

All tickets are 6 (No concessions, I'm afraid.) Tickets are available from the Box Office by telephoning: 0181 883 8747

This play has much to offer for it. Being performed by people who are actually fans of the Discworld series and have an understanding of what they are performing.


Tina Hannan as Lance-Constable Angua. According to Terry, the Official Angua. Also now author, as she has helped Terry write Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, due out in November '99.

Thomas Pratchett [2] as Captain 'Mayonnaise' Quirke. Terry's cousin, but not bowing to nepotism in any way.

Hopefully we'll see you there!

Thomas Pratchett

[1] In England.
[2] That's me, that is. [3]
[3] nothing like blowing your own trumpet.

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