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November - Cambridge

From: Alan Collier - The Luggage
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Mort in Cambridge, 12-16 Nov
Date: 1996/10/29

Notice is hereby given that an adaptation of Mr Terry Pratchett's most excellent book, "Mort" is to be staged, in Cambridge, this November 12th to 16th.

This is a new production, not based on the published version of Mr Stephen Briggs, having been adapted by Messrs Artley and Syddall, and shall be performed by the same company as staged "The Colour of Magic: The Light Fantastic" at the Cambridge ADC last October. Shows are nightly at 8pm, with a matinee at 2.30pm on the Saturday. Tickets are 6 pounds (5 pounds concessions), and may be obtained from the Mumford Theatre Box Office (01223 352932) or the Arts Cinema Box Office (01223 504444).

More information may be obtained by sending email to Mark Syddall

Many thanks,

Alan Collier (The Luggage from last year's play!)

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