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July - Faversham

From: Bob and Becky Simmons
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Mort in Faversham, 1-5 July
Date: 1997/06/18

this is the first time I've ever sent anything to anyone controlling a news channel, but here goes.

The Arden Theatre, in Leslie Smith Drive, Faversham are putting on a production of "Mort" between 1st and the 5th July, with a possibility of another week 8-12 July, if there is enough demand for tickets.

Doors open at 7.00pm with the play going on at 7.45. Ticket prices as follows. 4.00 normal and 3.00 concessions. Tickets can be obtained from The Warehouse on 01795-539333 and also on 01622-884510.

If I've sent this message to the wrong person, please let me know on I hope you can publish this.

Thank you
Bob (aka Cutwell)

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