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March - Harrow

From: Peter Ellis
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][R][F] Mort play in Harrow -- 11th, 12th, 14th -- plus MortMeet on 14th
Date: 1999/03/07

Mort is being performed at:

The John Lyon School
Middle Road, Harrow
Middlesex HA2 OHN

on Thursday 11th March at 7:30pm
Friday 12th March at 7:30pm
Sunday 14th March at 5:00pm

Tickets cost 3 each, and are available on the door.


Walk/Public Transport

Nearest tube: Harrow-on-the-Hill (Metropolitan Line)

To get to the school from the station, either catch a taxi, or a bus (for the more adventurous).

As you pass through the ticket barriers, turn right and carry on down some steps to a concourse type area. Directly in front of you should be a road and a taxi rank.

Or to take a bus, at the taxi rank turn immediately to your left, you will see a bus station. You want buses on the right hand side (as you approach it). Wait for a 114 going to Ruislip Station.

The bus will take you 5 minutes to get to 'The Timber-Carriage' (ask the driver). When you get off, turn left and walk up the incline. You will see a pub called 'The Half-Moon' in front of you, and a road leading up on the left-hand side of it. This is Middle Road. Walk up this, past the White Horse pub, And the School is on the left hand side.

Car Travel

Seeing as some of you will be coming by car, it has been deemed a Good Idea (tm) that directions to the school should be made available.

Thus, here they are:

By road: Exit at A41 Edgware on the M1, do *not* take Harrow exit. Follow road to a roundabout,take the third exit. Follow the road -- on your left will be a petrol station, forward, you will pass an Underground Station, Stanmore.

You will then come to a set of traffic lights. Turn left, follow the road through to another set of lights, forward over these. Carry on till you come to another roundabout. A Shell Garage will be on your left. Take the third exit, Charlton Road. This road has speed humps the length of it, follow the road all the way to the end, where there is a T junction. Turn right, and there's another petrol station on your right.

Carry on down this road for a long while, past shops on both sides, over rail tracks, up to a large roundabout. Take the second exit, and then take the first left (Peterborough Road), up a hill, follow the road right to the top. It will curve left, over a zebra crossing. Past this, take the third road on the right, which will lead down, past the King's Head Pub.
Follow this road down and round to the right. At the bottom you will see a sign for Middle Road, turn left and you're there!

If you get hopelessly lost, call my mobile on 0956 453541

All the best,

Thomas Pratchett

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