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July/August - Edinburgh


"It'd be a bloody stupid world if people got killed without dying, wouldn't it?"

Wonderland Productions returns this summer with the hilarious adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Mort by Stephen Briggs. It is an absurd love story interspersed with Death having a career crisis, a bumbling wizard and his talking doorknocker. In Death's absence Mort, a gangly fool, Death's temporary replacement, upsets the entire history of the future for the pretty face of the Princess.

Last year Wonderland Productions premiered at Edinburgh with Wyrd Sisters, another Terry Pratchett adaptation. This show was hugely successful with audiences over 2400, and some excellent reviews:

This is the third dramatisation of a Discworld novel I have seen and very probably the best. The enthusiastic cast were great [...] Even if you have never heard of Discworld or Pratchett you will enjoy this production. STM,

Mort will be enjoyed by all the little kids, and big kids, who love magic and the ridiculous. For anyone who's ever read Roald Dahl, the brothers Grimm (and of course, Terry Pratchett) and laughed out loud. For anyone who secretly believes that Death must have a sense of humour.

Wonderland Productions is experienced at bringing the fantasy to life, with innovative light and sound and vibrant costumes and puppets. The eyecatching and mind boggling characters will appear everyday on the Royal Mile.

The action is swift and funny with jokes suitable for all the family. With some excellent sight gags and good timing this is a spellbinding experience.

9/10 Tim Szczuka, Radio Forth on Wonderland Productions edfringe '01

Your Wonderland Productions diary
FIVE FINGER EXERCISE, 31st July - 25th Aug (not 11th), 10am, C, venue 34
Terry Pratchett's MORT, 31st July - 25th Aug (not 11th), 2pm, C, venue 34
OUR SONG, 31st July - 25th Aug (not 13th), 4.45pm, C, venue 34
BLUE RAMBONI, 31st July - 25th Aug, 1am, C 02, venue 202

For further information and press tickets, please contact
Ruth Rogers at or 07740 195 893
or the C venues press office on 020 8452 2550
from 20 July 0131624 1550

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