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January - Bedford

From: Holyoake, Suzi
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][R] Pyramids on stage - Bedford (5-9 January 1999)
Date: 1998/11/25

It is probably about time I shoved a reminder up about this...

A Forthcoming Production by the Pyramid Players
Terry Pratchett's "PYRAMIDS"
Tues 5th - Sat 9th January 1999

Tickets for PYRAMIDS are now available and selling. The play is being staged at the Bowen West Theatre in Bedford. (NB: Bedford is an easy train journey from London, and the theatre is not far from the train station)

Performances are at 7.30 on the Tuesday to Saturday. Tickets are 3.00ukp each for the Tuesday performance and 6.00ukp each for all other performances. They can be booked by sending a cheque, supported by a guarantee card number and payable to PYRAMID PLAYERS, to The Pyramid Players, c/o 1B Kimbolton Road, Bedford. Please enclose a stamped, addressed, envelope if you require your tickets now (otherwise they will be available for you on the door). If you require to pay by credit card, then you will need to ring the Theatre Ticketline on (01234-219333).

Further queries can be answered by emailing or by looking at the Pyramid Players webpages


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