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November - Abingdon

From: Stephen Briggs
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][R] The Fifth Elephant... fading fast (November 23-27,
Date: 1999/10/14

Terry Pratchett's THE FIFTH ELEPHANT

When: 23 to 27 November 1999. 7.30 every evening, with an additional performance at 2.30 on the Saturday. The Friday and Satueday performances are now sold out.

Where: Unicorn Theatre, Old Abbey Buildings, Abingdon, Oxon

Who: Studio Theatre Club

How much? 6 a ticket

Vimes is off to Uberwald on a mission for Lord Vetinari. He's going to a coronation. But there are werewolves out there who are mad, bad and dangerous to know. This is the Studio Theatre Club's eighth Discworld play. Every one has sold out well in advance, so early booking is recommended.

Send your order, your cheque (payable to STUDIO THEATRE CLUB and with guarantee card number on the back) and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:
Stephen Briggs, PO Box 655, Oxford, OX4 3EU.

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