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April - Trowbridge

From: Steve Shipway
Subject: Wyrd Sisters play in Trowbridge
Date: 1997/03/24

First, apologies if this has been posted already, and for the heinous sin of being unable to read followup articles as our incoming news feed is sick. Now the info.

Trowbridge Players are staging 'Wyrd Sisters' at the Trowbridge Civic hall between Wed 23rd and Sat 26th April. Tickets are ukp5 or ukp3 for under 16s. It is on at 7:30pm, and tickets are available from the Tourist Info office on 01225 777 054.

Tickets have been on sale for 1 week so far, and there are still a lot of places. For those of you who want to know: Trowbridge is in Wilshire, southwest of Swindon. I have absolutely no connection with these people, and am not on commission :-)


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