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August - Melbourne

From: David Geoffrey King
Subject: [COMMERCIAL] Wyrd Sisters play in Melbourne
Date: 1997/06/16

Sorry for the ad, I've already boiled myself in oil for this one.

Wyrd Sisters (The play adpated by Stephan Briggs) is being performed in Melbourne Australia in July/August (the first Performance in Melbourne I think) and I really think everyone should drop in to see it (and I not just saying that cause I one of the co-directors [or maybe I am?])

Any way here's the blurb....

July Wednesday 23,24,25,Saturday 26
Wednesday 30,31 August 1,Saturday 2

Carringbush Theatrette Richmond
tickets $10 Adult $8 Student, concession, etc.

Bookings (hopefully) essential
Phone Stee on 9579 5701

Sorry about the Ad etc.

(PS most of the cast will be at Minotaur on the 12th for the signing and tickets will be available there)

More and more I apologise for this ad


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