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November - Hamburg

From: Arnim Mennecke
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][R] MacBest - Hamburg - November 4/5, 2000
Date: 2000-10-23

In the beginning of November, the Hamburg Theater Group Roxy Comedians will present their German language production the play "Macbest", based on Terry Pratchett's novel "Wyrd Sisters"

4 and 5 November, 20:00 hrs
Auditorium PI of the University, Von-Melle-Park-8
Admission: DM 15,--

Information:+49 40 3905111

Textbuero Dr. Arnim Mennecke
Texten & Lektorat
Am Born 4
D 22765 Hamburg
T 040 3905111
F 040 3905105

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