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This is the stop motion animated series produced by Cosgrove Hall, and was first shown in the UK on the 10th January 1991 on ITV. It was first shown in 5 or 10 minute chunks, before being later released as one 'episode' on video in 1997


The Production Crew

Music Composd by:
Colin Towns
Andrea Lord, Loyd Price, Paul Couvela, Paul Berry, Sue Pugh & Stuart Sutcliffe
Model Characters Created by:
Noel Baker, Bridget Smith, Peter Bentley, Georgina Hayns, Marcia E. Pidgeon, Colin Batty, Ian MacKinnon, Peter Saunders, Stuart Sutcliffe & Patricia Brennan
Models, Sets and Props:
Graham G. Maiden, Paul Simpson, Jeff Spain, Pippa Greenwood, Richard Sykes, Rick Kent & Christine Keogh
Costume Design:
Helen Plaumer
Costume Makers:
Clare Elliott & Geraldine Corrigan
Art Direction:
Bridget Appleby
Production Supervisor:
Christine Walker
Production Assistant:
Sian Thomas
Post Production Manager:
Chris Phillips
With grateful thanks to
West Pennine Trucks Ltd. & Lewis's Department Store, Manchester.
Model Camera and Lighting:
Joe Dembinski, Jenny Andrews & Mark Stewart
Rostrum Camera:
Peter Kidd
Film Editor:
Zyggy Markiewicz
Assistant Film Editors:
Jane Hicks & Stephen Perry
Dubbing Mixer:
John Wood
Executive Producer:
John Hambley
Jackie Cockle
Jackie Cockle, Chris Taylor & Francis Vose
A Brian Cosgrove & Mark Hall Production.

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