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Wyrd Sisters

This animated series was first shown in the UK on the 18th May 1997 on Channel 4.


The Production Crew

Adapted By
Jimmy Hibbert
Original Music By
Keith Hopgood &Phil Bush
Character Design
Steve Maher
Animation Character Development
Jonathan Webb &Alastair Feff
Background Animation Design
Margaret Riley, Pete Hillier, John Millington, Max Doig & Steve Maher
Storyboard, Layouts, Animation, Backgrounds & Digital Colouring
Milimetros S.A.
Technical Co-Ordinator
Phil Atack
Animo Special Effects
Peter Kidd
Silicon Graphics Special Effects
Colin Ralph
Digital Colour Design
Joan Jones & Jackie Mitchell
Production Controller
Phil Slattery
Production Manager
Laura Cosgrove
Production Assistant
Hillary Downs
Pre-Production Assistant
Nicola Davies
Audio Post Production
Hullabaloo Studios
Digital Picture Edit
Flix Facilities
Title Sequences
Associate Producer for Carrington Productions International
Craig Hemmings
Animation Director
John Offord
Produced &Directed By
Jean Flynn
Executive Producer
Mark Hall
Cosgrove Hall Films
A Cosgrove Hall Film Production For Channel 4 in association with Itel & Ventureworld Films

This information was taken from an original source compiled by David Riches, with special thanks to George Thomas and Mark Riches. Later amendments by Daibhid Chenedelh.

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