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12 Days of Hogswatch

Mad Purple Dragon wrote:
> O.K. this is the first time i have ever done anthing like this..
> so please be gentle with my ego. but all day i have had this
> humming in my brain wanting to be written. I don't know
> why it chose my brain as i'm tone deaf and can't spell
> so bear with me.

Funny, I was struck by something on the train tonight, though
its more of an afp seasonal ditty :
For obvious reasons I'm only posting the last verse ...

On the twelfth day of Hogswatch my newsfeed sent to me
Twelve BOFH's a-flaming
Eleven cheese and bread threads
Ten movie cast lists
Nine drum-ers drinking
Eight agony aunts
Seven lots of brackets
Six seasons fi-lks
Five pubic wigs
Four roundabouts
Three Briggs plays
Two pro-pos-als
And an author with an OBE


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