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I'm the Perfect Afper

From: DMark
Subject: [I] Swansong season ?
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 11:06:41 GMT

Since I have been quite astonished by the reaction to my perhaps hastily terned 'Last filk ?'

(there are, as for some magical reason there has always been, some very kind and special people reading this group)

and it was rather a 'negative' offering I thought I would attempt something a little lighter to leave you with, for the moment at least

by the way the iceberg helped to cool the daquiris in the lifeboat (that should fathom out <groan> who really *read* everything)

I'm the perfect afper, baby, I've got speed,
Every single post I read
I'm the perfect afper, baby, never reply
I'm a simply lurking guy
I don't need emails, I only chat online,
If you were to kick me off, well never mind thats fine
I'm the perfect afper, baby, I'm making out,
I'm all about

I scruntinise timetables, I never miss a meet
Those cuddly youngster newbies just worship at my feet
I'm the perfect afper, at the heart of the fandom scene
Know what I mean

I'm the perfect afper, as a filker second to none
It's a lot of fun
I've never left a tag off , I've never flamed nor cursed
I'm a Clarecraft figure, A Carpet People first
I'm the perfect afper, baby, here comes the twist
I don't exist

DMark (sheepish and with tail firmly between his legs)

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