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A new afp family

Author: "David Ferguson"
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999

Um, hello boys and girls. Well, everyone else is doing it, so I thought I might try too, then I though, no, just write a filk. This is kind of a beginners attempt, and I'd appreciate (constructive) criticism. I may have limited my target audience by picking a slightly obscure original, but hopefully some of you remember the great Adam Ant and co. the scansion is a bit suspect, but this was also true of the original! Anyway, its time to streak your face with your mum's make-up, tip-ex a line across your nose, and forget the 90s ever happened. To the tune of "Kings of the Wild Frontier."

(Pronunciation, F.A.Q = eff ay kyew, faq = fac afp=afp, NOT ay ef pee)

<Kermit the Frog voice>
Ladies and Gen'elmen, Afpdam and his Aunts , yaayyyyyyyy!
</Kermitt the Frog voice>

<* fx: sound of (almost) synchronised drumming*>
A new afp family
A weird news entity
They[1] are the Family!
If you don't read the faq
Prepare to have your system suffering
From centuries of flaming.
No method in their madness
NOT guided by the Cabal[2]
Afpeople are quite worrying
Alt Pratchett is a rabble!
An even when you're helping
Others find the F.A.Q
Down below your fresh afp-code
You're just a shade too new
Shade too new!
A Newbie too!
I hope this works all right
I rather feel the scansions, suffering
Have I just earned a flaming?
<fade and repeat, with assorted "yip yip yip" and other Pseudo Native American noises >

[1] hopefully one day I can say "We", not "They"


My coat? Its the frock coat type thing with all the gold braid, why do you ask? Oh.

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