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Adeste Insanes

From: David Chapman
Subject: [I] The AFP Carol Service Part 9
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 16:31:02 -0000

I decided to save the best till last. Well, actually I honestly wasn't sure if I *could* filk this one, so I've been doing them on the fly and putting this off as long as possible.

The Carol Service has been a lot of work, but it's also been a lot of fun. I'm glad so many people enjoyed it, and I'm sorry that I got a bit touchy about Murky (although I'm sure he wouldn't have butted in had he realised that all the carols were by one person - The Joy Of Lurks, I guess).

So, for your entertainment and enlightenment...


Adeste insanes
Potio calida dulcis
Venite, Venite in AFP
Liber videte
Liber orbis mundi
Ab Senex Flatus In Petasus

Cantet nunc io
Princeps Pastinaca
Et Avia Cereus Tempestas
Gloria, Gloria
Pratchett adoremus
Senex Flatus In Petasus

Custos Detritus
Ventosus Colluo
(Talis magus haudquaquam)
Et Patricius omnis
Verba caro in libris
Pratchett adoremus
Ille damno probus.

Andrew Nevill wrote in message news:845f7k$ulr$

> <Snip>
> A translation would be nice.
> Please.


I should have known that somebody would ask for a translation of this one.

It's based, of course, on "Adeste Fideles", the Latin version of "O Come All Ye Faithful", although I took a couple of minor liberties with pace and scan along the way. The Latin grammar is truly awful, but for Laotatian it isn't bad.

Here's the translation (spoiler space for those who are still having fun with their Latin dictionaries)





O come, all ye crazy
For a hot sweet drink
Come ye, come ye to AFP
See the book
The Discworld book
By the Old Fart in a Hat
Sing now, "Ah!
Captain Carrot
And Granny Weatherwax
Glory, Glory
Let us adore Pratchett
The Old Fart in a Hat
Watchman Detritus
(Not at all a kind of wizard)
And the Patrician, all
Words become flesh in the books
Let us adore Pratchett
He's damn good!

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