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From: SteveD
Subject: Decenn[I]al party filk
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 05:29:30 GMT

Seeing as the "Ten years of afp" celebrations will be culminating, as far as this rumpled serpent knows, at the 2002 Con, I thought of the people who won't be able to make the lead-up events but will still be turning up for the Big Event, as it were.

This filk is for all that bottled-up enthusiasm that won't have any place to go until August next year.

AFP-arty (a loco notion)
Original: Locomotion (Kylie version with reverbed larynx etc. You can hate me later.)

Ev'rybody's going to the a.f.p. party
(It's ten years now, get the froup in motion)
The geeky and the gothic and the famously arty
(Put your hand up, support this loco notion)

They're kinky and they're cuddly and they're awfully sweet,
They're rabid and they're grumpy but they scrub up a treat.
Come on, come on, next year we'll all be there at the meet

Ya gotta get to the con now
Come on, come down, come in
I think you got a win, whoa-whoa

Fifty dozen people helping out at the Con now
(Come on gophers, show 'em our devotion)
Help it all run smoothly and we'll get the show on now
(Come on ConCom, sort out this commotion)

We'll get the panels running and be there with a smile,
We'll answer all the questions and we'll go the last mile
Come on, come on, help us all to do it in style

We've got the con, we'll all be there with axes and dragons
(Come on fenfolk, bring your Discworld props 'round)
Trolls and guards and witches selling scumble in flagons
(Come on drinkers, do thaaaarrrghh. Weeble. Hurg!)

A thousand Pterry readers and a thousand more
The hard-core fans in silks and leathers out on the floor
Come on, come on, the afparty's right through this door

Ten years of a.f.p. now...
Come on, come down, come in
I think we've got a win, whoa-whoa

We're ten years old and celebrating - meet all the folks;
A lavish splash of Discworld and some scandalous jokes
Come on, come on, shy or bold or tarty
Come on, come on, newbie or Old-Fart-y
Come on, come on, the afparty's waiting for you!

-SteveD in .au

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