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Afpers And Things

From: "Speaker-to-Customers"
Subject: [I] Filk: Afpers and things second attempt
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 01:16:08 -0000

Due to sheer clumsiness, I sent this off blank instead of pasting the
content in from the document file. Sorry. Here is the real thing.

"Afpers And Things"

There is a glimmer in the dark
They're playing Linkin' Park but meantime
On the computer, you stop and hold everything.
A group is talkin' Pratchett, all of the time!
You feel alright when you read that message thing.

You log on too, but you don't see too many faces.
Coming in out of real life to hear the craic go down.
Too much competition; too many other places...
But the Afpers come from all around...!
Way on downsouth...
Way on downsouth... London town.

You check out Guitar Huw ... he knows all the chords!
But he's strictly rhythm; he doesn't want to make it cry or sing!
Graham sells Fetish gear that all can afford,
When he sets up under the lights to do his thing.

And Pterry doesn't mind if they never make the film.
He's got a writing job; he's doin' alright!
He can write those Discworld books like anything!
Each new release is a welcome sight....

Because they're better...
Than The Lord of the Rings.

And a crowd of Afpers, they're foolin' around in the Newsgroup;
Drunk and talking about cats, alligators, and Black Holes!
They don't give a damn about any Pratchett-quotin' man,
They don't know Coalface is a Troll.

But the Afpers ...
Yeah some Afpers cook Creole!


And then Quantum Moth he posts a message to the newsgroup,
Where they're really getting into the swing:
Mary Messall says it's time to go home.
And she makes it fast with one more thing...
"We are the Afpers! Not Fellowship of the Ring!"

Paul Speaker-to-Customer

(Apologies to Mark Knopfler)

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