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AFPian Rhapsody

From: Matt Blissett
Subject: [I] [FILK] AFPian Rhapsody
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 21:21:24 -0000

The idea came whilst I was walking through Leicester at 4pm, singing this (not loud, just loud enough to get people to turn round, lost their concentration, and walk into someone else >:>) it is. AFAIK noone else has done one on the same song, and I did Google first.

AFPian Rhapsody

(To the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen.)

Is this the real life? [1]
Is this just a.f.p?
Caught in a cascade
No escaping insanity
Open the thread
Scroll down to the end and see...

"Hi I'm a newbie [8]
I need no FAQs
Because I know it all
Know it now
_ _ _ [2]
_ _ _ [3]
Anything that happens
Doesn't really matter
To me...
To me..."
(the way the thread goes) [4]


Io, [6]
Just trolled in here [7]
Put a top-post in out midst,
Got a Terse Note, life's a sh*t, [12]

Io! O I had a life! [13]
But now I've missed a post on afp!

Io, oooohh [14]
Didn't mean to wreck your keys [15]
You are me, here, have your five U.K. pounds, [16]
Post on, post on [17]
Cause nothing really matters.

It's too late [19]
PTerry's going [20]
'Don't speculate' he says [22]
'I mustn't steal ideas. [23]
Goodbye everybody ;,(
I've got to go [24]
Gotta write another book :)
Now touring's through!'

Io! Ooooh!
(the way the thread goes) [26]
I don't want him to go!
I wish there'd never been speculation now! [27]
(Ooooooo) [28]

I see a little alligator on the ceiling! [29]
O Clue Faeries! O Clue Faeries!
Don't sit on the chocolate! [31]
Badgers, cats and hedgehogs [33]
Definately frightening me! [34]
Terry Pratchett! Terry Pratchett!
By Blind Io please don't go!
Magnifiko! [35]
Look! There's a monkey!
What's it doing in here?
He's an orang-utan,
Biped just like you and me. [36]
Caused by an accident in UU library [37]
Easy then easy now
Will you let me go now?
Oook oook oook EEEK! [39]
He won't let you go!
Let me go!
Oook oook oook EEEK! [40]
Let me go!
Oook oook EEEK! [41]
Let me go!
Oook oook EEEK! [42]
Let me go!
Commander Vimes!
As the wizards pull aside for me [45]
For me!
For ME!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?[60][47]
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?[48]

_ _ _![49]
_ _ _ _ _ _ _![50]
_ _ _ _ _[51]
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _![52]

(ooooh, ooooh)[53][54]

_ _ _ _ _ _[55]
_ _ _ _ _[56]
_ _ _ _ _ _[57]
_ _ _ _ _ _[58]
_ _[59]

(any way the thread goes)[60]

OK, I think the footnotes[SQRT(-1)] got a /little/ bit out of hand there[61]. Sorry about that. Won't happen again[62].

Anyone got any ideas about the bit I couldn't think of words for?


[1] This filk shared similarities with the words, too!
[2] Needs some words: in BR is 'Little high'
[3] NSW: 'Little low'
[4] the quiet voice
[5] insert plinky piano noise here
[6] can anyone think of anything better?
[7] Not me, obviously, someone else!
[8] not me either! [9]
[9] if this doesn't make sense, see [7][10]
[10] the order got messed up. see [11]
[11] this messes up the order even more. [11]
[12] I feel uncomfortable about this one
[13] Hey! A partial palindrome in that line!
[14] How do you stop spelling ooooooooooooooh?
[15] cf "Keyboard"
[16] Doesn't scan very well.
[17] Arrrrgh! Need more syllables! [18]
[18] How about "post-dum on, post-de on"
[19] It is. I have work to do.
[20] Only joking! [21] It's a /song/.
[21] Sorry if I broke any more keyboards then, cf [15]
[22] This isn't a quote, it's me making it up.
[23] Not that he would anyway, but it fits.
[24] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! [25]
[25] A deranged mind.
[26] Quiet voice again
[27] Just a subtle hint on the preferances of the author.
[28] The quiet voice gets all the hard bits.
[29] 'Big' doesn't scan[30]
[30] Neither does stuffed.
[31] [32]I'm not implying that the Clue Faeries /would/ sit on chocolate, BTW
[32] Please not: Upcoming sentance may contain artistic liscence. Read with caution.
[33] Horray for Lodestone!
[34] Have you *seen* the claws on that thing!?!
[35] No, I can spell.
[36] no. Forgotten. Completely gone. What was I going to put here?
[37] Not true. Caused by an accident in the gym, but that doesn't rhyme.[38]
[38] Not that the rest of it rhymes.
[39] Translation: 'Where are the peanuts'
[40] 'Only if you give me a peanut'
[41] 'If you give me a peanut'
[42] 'Look, I only want a *peanut*. Or a banana'
[43] 'What is do hard to understand? Right. You give me a banana [44] and I'll let you go. Oh, hello nightwatchman'.
[44] Or a peanut
[45] More correctly, 'Fall over'[46]
[46] Due to being drunk.
[47] BR has: 'So you think you can love me and spit in my eye?'
[48] BR has: 'So you think you can love me and leave me to die?'
[49] BR has: 'Oh baby!'
[50] BR has: 'Can't do this to me baby!'
[51] BR has: 'Just gotta get out'
[52] BR has: 'Just got to get right out of here!'
[53] BE has: '(ooooh, ooooh)'[54]
[54] it's that quiet voice again
[55] BR has: 'Nothing really matters'
[56] BR has: 'Anyone can't see'
[57] BR has: 'Nothing really matters'
[58] BR has: 'Nothing really matters'
[59] BR has: 'to me...'
[60] number of _ represents number of 'beats'
[61] I think that got out of more than just hand.
[62] Promise.
[SQRT(-1)] Is there a prize? Then I donate it to the Orang-utan foundation.

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