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Chocolate Raid

From: Martin Julian DeMello
Subject: Re: [I] The setting of afp
Date: 10 Dec 2000 23:23:22 GMT

Beth Winter wrote:
> A black-denim-wearing oldbie opens the window with a flourish, nearly
> knocking Smiley over. Then she overhears the last of the monologue.
> "You think *you*'ve got it bad? You haven't been here for a month even!
> I've hung around since last September and haven't gotten a freaking
> piece of chocolate in ALL THAT TIME."
> A twinge of empathy passes between the two. Silently, Beth pulls Smiley
> in through the window, and they both head to a dark corner occupied by
> several other (currently snoring) figures dressed in slightly shabby
> black. From piles of discarded Portable Scorpion Pit prototypes they
> pull out stuff that looks like bought on the Terminator's garage sale.
> Guns. Knives. Guns. Bombs. Did I mention guns? Oh, and sleeping gas
> *snicker*

> C'mon Smiley, it's time for a.... CHOCOLATE RAID!!!!!!

In a filking mood this afternoon...

TTTO Rocket RIde (Tom Smith, lyrics and MP3 at

Nothing to eat, nothing to trade
Nothing worth playing that we haven't played
There's no alternative, I'm afraid -
Come on, everybody, on a chocolate raid

How many denim-coated Pratchett fans
Does it take to pull off a coup?
How many chocolates have slipped through our hands
Despite all that we tried to do?
How many newbies have been suff'ring sans
Confections, even though they were new?
We need some people with action plans,
And we're the ones to see 'em through

I want a pile of weapons from a Scorpion Pit
Some shiny stuff from an Assassin's kit
A magical sword, a two-handed bow
A Smith and Wesson, and we're set to go...

Why don't we throw in a gas grenade
A twelve inch dagger with a rusty blade
Some guns and ammo and we've got it made -
Come on, everybody, on a chocolate raid
Come on, everybody, on a chocolate raid

Martin DeMello

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