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Clarecraft '99

Author: Johanna on behalf of Dog and Doc
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999

Written by Dog, performed by Dog and Doc with acknowledgements to The Eagles
Clarecraft '99

Clarecraft '99
On the east road to Ipswich
with the sun in my eyes,
keep on washing my windscreen,
kamikaze flies.
Tried to wind down my window,
get the breeze in my face,
wrong kinda leaves on my glasses,
where the hell is this place?
Up ahead in the distance
saw a shimmering flame,
either gas from the landfill
or Elton's been eating beans again.
Why am I going to the Clarecraft event?
Can I handle the afpers
stacked 15 to a tent?
Welcome to the landfill down in Woolpit.
A deserted place,
a weekend to waste,
Plenty of room at the landfill down in Woolpit.
Every other year,
there are loonies here.
Darrell's still bitter and twisted.
Mike's still geeky as hell.
Muppet's still inside a noisy tent.
What Womble does, who can tell.
And outside near the toilets,
They're all sopping wet.
Some brought supersoakers
some just pine for the net.
And I went for an ice-cream,
it's a passion of mine.
Strawberry and vanilla
on a huge 99.
And they're painting their figures
Amateur style.
While the queue for the signing
stretches over a mile.
Welcome to the landfill down in Woolpit.
Chips and burger shack
for your heart attack.
Having some fun at the landfill down in Woolpit
You could wait here too
in the toilet queue.
All those gathered together
they're all here for a price
We are all just customers here
of commercial device.
In the camp of the temple
They gather round the beer.
Till the following morning
when the hangover clears.
And back under the oak trees
Ailbhe turns into Mum
She's got the vocals and the attitude
now all she needs is the bum!
So it's just one more Clarecraft.
One more light in the year
and the sarcastic comments aside,
it's pretty good to be here.
Welcome back to the landfill down in Woolpit
Do the bungee run
in the blazing sun.
One more year in a landfill down at Woolpit
Now before we end
Just go round again
And thanks to Clarecraft down at Woolpit
for another event
where our cash gets spent.
Good to be back at the down at Clarecraft here in Woolpit
Thanks to everyone
Now at last we're done


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