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Discovering afp

Subject: [F] Discovering AFP (filk)
From: BarryR
Date: 1998/10/11

Sung to the Tune of Jake the Peg.

We're AFP (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
And we're all barmy, (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
You'll find that most of us are mad,
and that the rest of us are sad,
We're AFP (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
And we're all barmy. (Diddle-iddle-iddle)

The day that you arrived (oh boy)
the group seemed strange to you
With such a range of content
and not a flame in view
You took some sample articles
and did a spot of lurkin'
and asked yourself some questions like
What the bloody hell's a merkin?

We're AFP (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
And we're all barmy, (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um]
But then I also will confess
that we are also quite harmless
We're AFP (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
And we're all barmy, (Diddle-iddle-iddle)

You took your time you hung around
You read the F.A.Q's
(well that's why they are posted here,
for people here to use.)
and when you saw that funny post,
your drink went through your nose.
It landed on your monitor
your keyboard and your clothes.

We're AFP (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
And we're all geeky, (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
We don't like stuff like spams or trolls
In fact we like to kill them all
We're AFP (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
and we're all geeky. (Diddle-iddle-iddle)

And once you felt you'd settled in
you made your debut post,
and welcomes came from everyone
from afpers, coast to coast
But then again you may have thought,
It's just to strange for me
and quickly logged off, killed the group
and Buggered off for tea.

We're AFP (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
And we're all barmy, (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
but you'll be very happy here
If you like chocolate and beer
We're AFP (Diddle-iddle-iddle-um)
It's the place to be. (Diddle-iddle-iddle)

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

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