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Elder afpers

Subject: Re: [I] A filk inspired by the idea of an afp-RHPS
From: "Antti Lehtola"
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 20:12:47 +0200

Joy Green wrote:

<fx: wild applause>
But why stop there?
Elder Afpers
Tune: Super Heroes

I've lurked a bit
I've yet to dare
To say "Hello!!!!"
I will, I swear
But this I know
I'm still too scared, I'm new here...
An Elder AFPer [1]
Who's not too pleased
He tells us all
We're hugging trees
And lets us know
He's only passing through here...
And crawling
On RL's face
Those with lives
To fill their days
Don't know 'bout [I]s
Don't know 'bout [A]s...or you, here...

[1] Sorry...sorry...but, well, I *had to* , didn't I...


*Antti Lehtola died on Monday, 29 March 1999.*

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