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Feminist thread

Subject: Filk Attack
From: Gideon Hallett
Date: 1998/11/24

Fem*n*st Thread.
(to be sung/rapped over "Radio Song" by R.E.M. and KRS-1)
(oh, and dedicated to anyone who likes the original song!)

The lull was alarming, on IRC
I logged on to AFP
But I can't see it.

Then I got to the host
And I looked around,
I could see that the fur had been flying (flying)
It's that same, same thread on the newsgroup
That makes folks *mad*.

I tried to head it off, say "lighten up"
And leave it quiet, that fem*n*st thread
(hey hey hey!)

And everywhere around,
The jibes from either side,
The debate had died,

So I ignored the flow (no!, no!, no!)
To keep it all calm I was trying (trying)
Yet the gripes spread afar - your mindset sucks!
It made me *sad*

I tried to shut it up (shut it up!)
To raise signal-to-noise,
That fem*n*st thread.
(hey hey hey!)

The gossip was boring on IRC
So I logged on to AFP,
But I can't see it.

Nyeh! Nyeh!

Baby, baby, baby, baby,* baby!*

Hat! Hat! Hat!

I tried to clear my head
Damn that fem*n*st thread, man
(hey hey hey!)

Hey, hey, hey.

And everywhere around,
The pedagogues decried,
Were thorns in my side,
Preaching to the infidel,
And anyone else, what the hell!
But I can't bear it,
No I can't bear it.


Hey hey hey, hey hey (turbot?)

hey hey hey (Can anyone see Wolfie?)

Hey hey hey, hey hey

Hey. Hey. Hey. (Ker-*plonk*)

Hey hey hey, hey hey (Yerwhat yerwhat yerwhat?)

Hey hey hey. (Chuck it out!)

(What are you claiming?, who are you flaming?
Why're you doing it, day out day in?
Argh, maybe maybe maybe maybe this thread is driving me crazy!
Old farts emigrate, in their masses - sick of pompous asses
Now our newbies grow up followers,
All their time, flamebait swallowers!)

*fade out*

(Questions? Comments? Oddly-shaped pieces of fruit?)

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