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Folsom Poster Blues

From: David Chapman
Subject: Re: Siglines and killfiles
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 19:36:36 -0000

"Ambitious_Wench" wrote
> "Suzi" wrote:
> > ? You're proud of being stupid and you proclaim it to this group?
> > <sheesh>
> No, Suzi, my .sig is not a declaration of my stupidity. It is a
> declaration of my devil-may-care attitude toward being killfiled by Meg.
> I do believe it's a first for me! Of course, I could be wrong-- she may not
> have truly killfiled me. So, I'll refrain from posting about thumbing my
> nose at her back.
> Oh, dear-- it seems my filters aren't working properly. I thought I'd
> set them to delete this thread. :::sigh::: It looks like another letter
> to the Pan-users group mail list.

I'm inspired to filk...


TTTO "Folsom Prison Blues", by Johnny Cash

I see there's dumb girls comin', to drive us round the bend
But we ain't seen KSF since I don't know when
We cluestick Folsom posters, every once in a while
But those girls keep on a-movin' straight into our killfiles.

When I was just a newbie, Gid Holyoake told me, "Son
Always be good on AFP, don't you ever bug no-one"
But I have to flame these silly chicks, and I will tell you why
When I read the drivel that they post, it makes me want to cry.

Well, if I posted just like they do, if their cluelessness was mine
I bet my posts would also wind up where the sun don't shine
Far from Folsom posters, that's where I want to be
So I'll let my pers'nal killfile blow those berks off AFP.

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