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Subject: Re:[C] yawn. (was ID-MARKER - Final statement)
From: frogjuice
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 03:22:35 -0000

(to the tune of greensleeves if you absolutely must. but only on a lute<g>)

Alas poor troll, you do us wrong.
To flame with such discourtesy.
Your words, me-thought, were far too strong
For use in polite company.
Irrelevance is all our joy.
Irreverence is our delight.
If Mr Pratchett here still posts,
Who says that we arent right?
Your posts lack wit and style and grace
Oh why to this froup did stray thee?
Begone foul shade far from this place
Unto the ISP that spawned thee.
We have been ready at your hand
To grant answers to your query
But you fail to understand
That bad manners make us weary
And a petty rant against advice
Which was offered in good will
Simply shows that you aren't nice
And a troll at heart are still.
If you intend thus to disdain
And say you'll post no more,
Why is it that you still remain
Can you not find the door?
Well, I will pray that you mature
Before you come to harm,
Your 'witty' mouth I'm very sure
Will get you a broken arm [1]
Ah troll-boy, now, farewell adieu
Your ID-MARKER has one use
My reader will now filter you,
And I won't see your abuse.

[1] Quick I need a word with the musicians guild.

(raspberry infinitum)

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