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Hotel afp

From: Supermouse
Subject: [I] Hotel AFP (was: Apologies for Test postings)
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 05:11:15 +0100

Andy Fawcett wrote: [snip]

* Eeeek, first real post to AFP in ages,and I'm already back in full waffle mode. I suppose it says something about me. You can stop posting to AFP, but you can never really escape.

The Usenet equivalent to 'Hotel California', I guess.

I bought into Usenet
My software was free
I got a free CD from AOL
They're so good to me
I looked for a fan group
Took me less than a day.
I said hi to this busy place
And I watched them say:
> Welcome to the newsgroup
> Such a lovely post
> (such a lovely post)
> From our very own ghost...
You'll need manners to post to
But if you do
We'll reply to you...
They told me my posting
Did not fit in well
The waffled on about tags and rotes
I thought I was in hell
Then a welcome message
Winged its way here to me
It told me about a pretty, pretty site
That I should see.
Lspace is the site for fans of Pratchett
You should go and see
(you should go and see)
If you're going to post to this group
All you need is there
Read and post with care...
I looked into L-space
I was there all night
clicking links 'til the software crashed
round from site to site
I worked out the group rules
and the whole newsgroup creed
I went back with an eager mind
and I began to read.
> Plenty of waffle in the newsgroup
> Any time of year
> (any time of year)
> Threading bread and beer
They're living it up in the newsgroup
You can stay and read
But you'll never leave...

Will that do? It's the best I could manage with a fogged mind.

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