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From:Gid Holyoake
Subject: Re: [I] Yo
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 00:33:53 +0100

In article <>, Daibhid Chiennedelh generously decided to share with us..


> You do realise that someone is now going to *have* to write the filk "Welcome
> to the Hotel"? And it'll probably end up being me? Thank you
> *so* much.

Oh well.. if you feel like that about it..

On the weird side of Usenet, consensus is rare,
There's one little newsgroup, which is hard to compare.
As I read through the news-spool, I saw some sparkling wit,
My head grew heavy and my phone bill grew
As I trawled through the sh*t.
There he was in the download,
The man who wrote the books,
And I was thinking to myself:
"He's got the money and I've got the looks!"
Then he posted a posting and he showed me the way,
There were voices coming down the wires, I thought I heard them say:

Welcome to the hotel,
Such a lovely plot, a pedantic lot.
Plenty of room at the hotel
Any time of year, there are weirdos here!

Gid (can't do any more now.. I'm busy downloading Scanner Drivers.. time
flies by while I'm the dwiver of a twain..)

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