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Introspection High

From: hippo
Subject: [M] The Introspection Filk (long) (minor ToT spoiler)
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 11:26:08 GMT

This newsgroup used to be an entertaining place .. and all I seem to get these days when I download are post upon post about trolls, top-posting, and the like.

Oh, deary, deary me .....

(YAFofAP [1] : somebody from the Bristol Meet (Adrian ?) have a url for the Star Wars version ?)

(BTW the filk does mentionthe names of some characters from ToT so if you're really strict about spoilers, here's a little space I prepared earlier


A long long time ago

I can still remember how
This newsgroup used to make me smile
And I knew if I put my view
Intelligent feedback would accrue
And maybe I'd be happy for a while
But introspection makes me shiver
With every post that gets delivered
Troll talk in the next thread
I could use some more bread

I can remember how I cried
When I read about a newbie fried
But it would touch me deep inside
If a f p should die

Refrain :
Bye, bye Introspection High
Tune my agent to the patient, and let the M threads die
Them good ol farts were squeezing trollls so dry
Singnin this ll be the day that I fry
This ll be the day that I fry

Did you read the FAQ on meets
And do you have 'nough chocs n sweets
If our bible tells you so ?

Now do you believe in every troll ?
Just push them in the killfile hole
And can you teach folk how to post real slow ?

well I know that you are out on tour
cause I saw you browsing in the store
You all know who to choose
Man, I dig those signing queues

I was a lonely science fiction fan
With a new computer and the latest LAN
But I would be an also-ran
If a f p should die


Now for ten years we've been lurking here
Had many meets with occasional beer
But that's not how it used to be
When J R R spoke in Inkling clique
'Bout a ring, he crafted a tale unique
And a love that came from you and me

Oh and while their sales came tumblin down
Our Pterry stole the fantasy crown.
The critics were adjourned
Our verdicts were returned

And while Rowling wrote about Hogwarts
The Discworld prompted deeper thoughts
And we sang filks about allsorts
If a f p should die


Helter skelter in a summer swelter
The kids ran in to a soaker shelter
Rockets high and falling far
It landed almost on his car
Roleplayes sat at a Clarecraft bar
With another on the sidelines with guitar

Now the evening act was full of pune
As the afpmad gang struck up a tune

We all got up to dance
Oh, but we never got the chance
Cause the players sang across the field
They could even make those high notes yield

And now our fate would perhaps be sealed
If a f p should die


And there we were all in on place
A generation of L-space

With no time left to start again

So come on, posts be nimble, posts be slick
No more need for netiquette stick
Cause fire is the devils only friend

And as I watched him at the con
My hands applauded on and on
No author has so well
Caused such fandom swell

And as the books climbed high into the charts
To light a spark in minds and hearts

I saw the man laughing with delight

If a f p should die


I met a fan who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news
She just said "Thats Hinckley bud"
I went down to the sacred store
Where I'd bought Wyrd Sisters years before
But the man there was playing the mud.

And in the tales the mamoth roared
The lovers cried but I was bored
But nor a word was spoken
The Thief of Time had woken

And three folk I admire the most
The Abbot, Soak, Igor in post

To Pterry lets all raise a toast

If a f p should die ....

hippo (Mark Datko)

[1] American Pie by Don McLean : whilst googling for the original lyrics, was surprised to find *several* sites with copious annotation and you thiught the {A]#s around here were bad ....

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