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Marvellous Party

From: Aquarion
Subject: Re: [I] Filk - Seamstress' House of Pleasure
Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 20:23:05 +0100

Jon wrote:

> While filking the Stones' /Angie/ before, it for some reason gave me an
> earworm of another song entirely. And, when you've got an earworm, there's
> only one thing to do.
> > *Seamstress' House of Pleasure* (TTTO /Hotel California/, The Eagles)

TTTO Marvellous Party,
Neil Hannon or Noel Coward, depending on preference :-)

You know, while I was waking,
I heard you lot talking,
And try as I might,
I couldn't stop thinking
that in filk's we're sinking,
which cannot be right.

Everyone's here, and on record form,
Something that's quite beyond the norm
though the rhymes and scanning
are really uncanny
And strained into the night.

But try as I might.
I couldn't help join in the filking.
With Eric, and Simon, and Jon.
It was all very fair, and the rhymes were all there
(And Bo-Rap's filk were there, which was fun)

Poor Jon started singing of Ovines
and Eric was Jammin' 'till 4.
We knew the excitement was bound to begin
When 'rion got bored and brought kittens in,
And made folk go "Aww" over the cute kitt-en.

I couldn't have liked it more.


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