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Millenium Filk

From: "Mark Datko"
Subject: [I] Millenium filk
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 06:51:15 +0000

With apologies to Mr Burns
(if you think I'm apologising to Sir Cliff .....<g> )

For a f p, my friends
For a f p
We'll eat a bar of maya gold
For a f p

Should older BOFH's be killfiled
Their new posts never read
Should older FARTS be killfiled
Lost words about dwarf bread

We all have run to catch that meet
And munched those CC B's
And wandered around many a town
For a f p

We all have stood in queues of length
From morning light 'till tea
But chat between us then hath roared
For a f p

And here's a hug, my trusty friend
And I know there's one from thee
And we'll drink together once again
For a f p

And sureply you'll have another drink
And perhaps I'll just have tea
We'll eat a bar of maya gold
For a f p

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone
(I'll save the happy new millenium until the right time hmmph what child when asked to count to a hundred, starts from 0 and ends at 99 ;-) <g> )

A particular thankyou to all those apfers who have personally helped me out over the past year. You know who you are !


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